Are you having trouble sleeping?

Stop Lying Awake at Night! Let me Show You How to Instantly and Effortlessly Fall Asleep

Discover how to easily and naturally fall asleep with...

  • no gimmicks

  • no drugs

  • no effort

Just a good night's sleep

When you have trouble falling asleep, your whole body can hurt, your energy plummets, and you feel miserable and tense...

I know how you feel

It shouldn't have to be hard! Sleeping is a basic human function, but in this fast-paced modern world it can feel impossible to get a good night's sleep.

1000s of years ago, humans didn't have the worries we do! They didn't have all those thoughts racing through their heads, the noises outside and the worries of work.

Remember when you were young? I bet you could jump in bed when your mom told you to and be fast asleep in minutes!

There are many things that can help you sleep – but just as many things can prevent you from sleeping.

Do you often wake up tired and groggy in the morning? Feeling like it's impossible to get up? Well getting to sleep is one thing, but what about actually getting a GOOD night’s sleep? Sometimes quality is more important than quantity...

As soon as you get the quality sleep you deserve, it'll be much easier to get up – you'll be full of energy and ready for the day.

There's more to sleep deprivation than just feeling tired... do you find yourself:


Waking up, only to find that you're still tired?

-> Making silly mistakes during the day?

Feeling moody and depressed?

-> Forgetting things you should know?

Loosing your appetite?

-> Fluctuating Weight?

Dreading the day ahead?

-> Struggling to perform at work?
-> Reduced libido?

Wondering if the day will ever end?

-> Unable to keep up with the kids?

All of these symptoms can be caused by lack of sleep, and are easy to stop.


Did you know that every hour you are awake is like adding another brick to your backpack. We need sleep to take this load off and rejuvenate ourselves.

Feeling Tired? Sleep recharges your energy and physical health, but that's not all.

Good sleep:

* Recharges life energy

Restores body and improves immune system

* Improves motor function

Revitalised body and mind

* Improves mood and memory

Improves appearance

* Incredible sense of well-being

Boundless motivation

Everyone struggles to get to sleep at some time in their life, but it doesn't have to be that way.

There is hope. There is a solution, and it doesn’t involve drugs or sedation or expensive therapies or time-consuming effort...

Before you do anything expensive and extreme, there are many other simpler things you can do. Things that you have probably never thought of. So many people go through life with miserable sleeping patterns just because they don't know any better – And it's not their fault!

I want to show you a book I've developed which contains every single secret you could possible need to get to sleep.

Introducing: Easy Sleeper

Easy Sleeper

Kiss Insomnia Goodnight

This book covers all the reasons you can't sleep, and a range of techniques to combat your tiredness quickly. I'll show you the sleeping secrets like:

* What to eat and drink – you’ll be amazed at how simple food choices or eating at the wrong times could be sabotaging your sleep!

A routine that knocks you out in no time, if only you knew this...

* How to use naps to your advantage - They really are a secret weapon
* Not just how to get to sleep, but how to get QUALITY sleep – You'll be able to sleep straight through thunderstorms
* My secret tip that will knock you out, even if you're wide awake
* Most importantly, what NOT to do. Most people these critical mistakes which – No wonder it is impossible to sleep!


End Your Sleep Problems Tonight

It's not hard to become an easy sleeper. All you need is quick, clear and concise information. You won't find any filler here – Easy Sleeper is a 100% simple, step by step guide with everything you'll need.

If you're in a rush, short of time or desperate to get to sleep, all of the info is summarised in a Quick Reference Guide. Grab the guide, follow the quick tips and you'll be knocked out in no time.

$127    $47


For a short time, I'm also throwing in these incredible bonuses:


How to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety
From Your Life

Everyone feels stressed. You can’t get away from it - It’s a fact of life. This kind of pressure can overtake you and make you feel completely out of control, but there is a way out...

Stress and Anxiety
    * How yo manage your time like a pro
    * Self-Hypnosis to calm you in the wildest environments
    * How to relax at work, even if that deadline is approaching!
    * Go to bed with a clear head and no worries!

Value: $47 FREE with Easy Sleeper


Yoga and Meditation for Beginners

"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and
        endure what cannot be cured." - B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga and Meditation
    * The different styles and positions of yoga
    * How to do a yoga workout at your desk
    * Meditating for health and wellness
    * And MUCH more...

Value: $47 FREE with Easy Sleeper


Don't resort to sleeping pills... You owe it to yourself to take control of your sleep pattern naturally! With Easy Sleeper, getting a great night’s sleep is simple, natural, and fast!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If Easy-Sleeper doesn't help you get to sleep, I don't want your money.

Simple as that

Give it a go and if you're still not sleeping like a baby, I want to give you a 100% refund. This is completely risk free.

When was the last time a doctor or a drug store offered to give you a refund if your problem wasn't solved?


What is a good sleep worth to you? It's priceless, right?

What wouldn’t you pay for a blissful, restful, energizing night’s sleep?

You’d probably give your right arm for the sleep your craving!

But today, you don’t have to! I want you to be rested, happy, and full of energy! I want obtaining Easy Sleeper to be the easiest choice you’ve ever had to make!

And so, for a short time Easy Sleeper is on sale. Grab it at this price while you can, before the price goes back up...


$127    $47


I know you probably want to get this information right now, so Easy Sleeper is available as an Instant Download. It doesn't matter if it's 2am and need to get up early I the morning, you could have Easy Sleeper in a matter of seconds – Don't wait days for it to arrive in the post.

Whitney Lane

Whitney Lane

PS. Don't pass up this opportunity to improve the most important factor of your well-being. Grab Easy Sleeper now and thank me in the morning! Buy Now.


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